Please remember the work of the ANE Pediatric Stroke Foundation is only possible because of the generous donations received from our benevolent contributors; for without your support many children and families will continue to be impacted by the unfortunate event of a pediatric stroke, and will not receive the support they may need as they journey along the path to recovery.  (Note: your donation to ANE Pediatric Stroke Foundation is tax-deductible to fullest extent allowed by law – Tax Id: 45-2883337)




Why Donate to the ANE Pediatric Stroke Foundation?

  • Because your donation will ensure families and children who seek support, following a pediatric stroke event, shall not suffer major financial woes or experience major burdens, during their child’s time of need.
  • Because your donation will help the ANE Pediatric Stroke Foundation increase community awareness on the matter of pediatric stroke, in an effort to reduce its effects through early sign recognition and quick response.       

Following the unfortunate event of a pediatric stroke, the life of a family is forever changed and a new journey begins through uncharted territory.  However, when you contribute to the ANE Pediatric Stroke Foundation, you can rest assured that you are aiding those most in need during a period of most critical circumstance. 

25 in 100,000 infants (< 1 year old) and 11 in 100,000 children (1 – 18 years old) will experience a stroke this year, and his/her life will be changed forever as a result. 

Donate today, and your gift will allow us to be there when a child and family needs us most. 

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